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And the winner of the Euro Cup is… SPAIN!!!

This is too good to be true. Needless to say, I am totally thrilled. For so many years, we fans of the Spanish team have waited patiently for this moment. I mean, who can forget Spain’s painful loss in penalties to South Korea in the quarter finals of the 2002 World Cup? Or barely not advancing to the quarter finals in Euro 2004? Or that devastating loss to France in the round of 16 of the World Cup 2006? But only one victory makes up for all the losses.

So, what is next?

For Spain. World Cup 2010 and victory again!!

For non-soccer fans. A return to sanity.

For me. It’s back to work.



One Response to “Victory”

  1. Jacques says:


    I’m amazed by your encyclopaedic soccer kowledge. I never realized you were such a fan.

    Let me add to the list of the spanish frustations in their attempt to win a Euro or World Cup the 1988 Euro Cup final in Paris lost to France following a free kick from Platini (then captain of the French team and now UEFA boss) that slipped off Arconada’s (the spanish goalkeeper) hands to finish a few centimeters behind the line. By the way Arconada was in Vienna this year to see his country’s victory, having been invited by Platini….

    In the same way as skating figures are named after those who invented them (Salto, Lutz …), this goalkeeper’s goof is now known (at least in France) as an “arconada”. There are various ways indeed to reach fame!

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