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Monica Dunford | USLHC | USA

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Italian BBQ

Tile is rather notorious for its frequent parties. And every time we usually have some theme. Sometimes the Brazilians will cook, or the Georgians, or the Lebanese, or the Americans. But much to our shock and dismay, we realized that we have never had an Italian BBQ.

Now. The word BBQ in itself sort of implies a laissez-faire, relaxed, let’s-all-gather-around-the-grill kind of an attitude. But not for the Italians. They take food, in any form, very seriously.

The BBQ was Tuesday night. They started cooking on Saturday. And they have been cooking since.

And the Italians make up quite a large fraction of Tile. So basically, no work was getting done for Tile this week.

For example, here is a typical conversation with any Tile Italian this week.

Me: Do you have some time to meet in order to discuss the upgrades to the monitoring we need for beam?
Tile Italian: Yes… But I am extremely busy until Tuesday. Can we meet after Tuesday?
Me: Sure no problem. What is keeping you so occupied?
Tile Italian: It is the Tile Italian BBQ and the Bolognese sauce needs my attention!

But as can be imagined, the food was incredible. We even had our own personal pizza chef (who actually works on the high-level trigger but we made him an honorary Tile person for the night).

Tile Italian BBQ

And as can be imagined as well, the Italians cooked WAY too much food. So we are now having ‘Italian Lunch’ today. And tomorrow. And Friday…


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3 Responses to “Italian BBQ”

  1. Michael Dunford says:

    Hi Monica

    It is really enlightening to see so many intelligent, skilled people who also have a penchant for cooking and also partaking of the contributions. I hope you are leaning in and taking down recipes so you can share with us when you are home. The present dietary emphasis is on “mediterranean” so you should have a lot to contribute.

    Keep up with the blogs.

  2. Paolo says:

    … BUT, I can’t believe the guy in the picture is italian: is putting parmesan or some kind of seasoned cheese on the pizza!?!

  3. Alex says:

    Parmigiano is not so uncommon on pizza. Mostly in modern, richer pizza recipes, but also in a pizza that is coming from one of the oldest and most known pizzerie in my hometown. The recipe uses capers, anchovies and parmigiano. That’s precisely the pizza I was finishing up in the picture.

    By the way, even if much more recent, another pizza which is nowadays very common in Italy is topped with rucola (arugula aka rocket), prosciutto di Parma (and/or cherry tomatoes) and parmigiano.

    Anyways, I am 100% italian born and raised!

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