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from the media center…

I was just handed an ATLAS postcard with a graphical display of one of the first debris events on it.

All I could think was: Wow, those guys are fast!


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2 Responses to “from the media center…”

  1. J C Hood says:

    Disconcerting that something as simple as the RSS feed went ‘down’ at this particle – particular site.
    I’m trying/ with all My Might, as a Mom of a 13 yr. old
    who was sure he would not see me today— to highlight
    “Positives”. I do plan on phoning the charter school he attends to relieve his ache with better facts.
    When the NYTimes 1st started covering the awesome production of a Super Collider–many moons ago, I believe
    Texas was the slated state/ Sure I knew that Politics alone would produce nothing but the ‘GameOver’effect.
    Vaguely,I do recall that the essential effect of the project was to enable mass(earth)transportation to be cleanly magnatized over railless lines.Remarkable system.
    Was I incorrect? Speaking from the child-mind-heart once
    struck with fear over the B&W film (Fierinight 451)? Ultimate destruction attained by the button pushing H. Fonda. All the what-if fears flooded back. I would like simple concise info. attainable if possible, to school age children about CERNA, weekly postings? Please recall that even the most Brillant Minds have been at an impasse of true terror at some early point in time. Thank You to all involved.

  2. Gordon says:

    J C Hood,

    Nice random text generator. It is a “Mark V Shaney”?


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