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Peter Steinberg | USLHC | USA

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Chu Speaks

It’s one crazy time, post-inauguration.  I mean, Obama was sworn in again.  And the stimulus package is really kicking the science community into high gear.

So expectations will probably be quite high today, when Secretary Chu (no more mere designate, he) speaks to the DOE community today by video.  I will update this later today after watching.

[Update: I couldn't get my RealPlayer settings sorted out until just before the end, so I basically missed it.  BNL will post video soonish, but in the meantime, I found a nice set of notes posted on Cosmic Variance.

Some things jump out: Energy is priority #1. The national labs are crown jewels.  The US needs to replace the great industrial labs that have closed down.  He expects lots of young-to-middle-age scientists to shift their careers toward energy to develop the transformative technologies needed for US energy independence...more later when I see the video.]


4 Responses to “Chu Speaks”

  1. Harbles says:

    See John Conway’s post at Cosmic Variance for more on this.
    It all sounds very encouraging. More emphasis on developing practical energy solutions than basic Particle physics but considering the times understandable.

  2. Harbles says:

    Just in case American scientists passing this way may be unaware ScienceBlogs has a feedback to Obama feature called The Rightful Place Project.
    Lets see if he’s really listening.
    It may just be therapeutic to let scientists vent a bit.

  3. Doc Kinne says:

    The stimulus package might be kicking YOUR science into high gear, but I’ve not seen anything from it yet. Hell, I don’t even have an official office computer as yet! On the other hand, if we get a specific NSF grant we’re in the running for I won’t be crying, but we’re still waiting.

    Of course variable star research isn’t going to solve the oil crisis, but its MY science, gol darn it! :-)

  4. Seth Zenz says:

    Hey Doc. Don’t worry, it’s not really particle physics that’s going to see the big money either.

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