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Peter Steinberg | USLHC | USA

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Senate Cuts Science Stimulus

(via Harvey Newman at USLUO and TPM with my Keynote skills for the excerpts from pages 2 and 4…)

Like, all of it if I read this right:  Both NSF and the DOE Office of Science (already cut hugely from the House version)…

Who are these people?


2 Responses to “Senate Cuts Science Stimulus”

  1. Harbles says:

    I don’t think this has passed yet.
    Rebublicans concerned with ‘wasting’ taxpayers money? Hah!
    It’s most frustrating seeing the stimulus package being thwarted by obstructionist elements (Republicans and ‘blue dog’ democrats) in the senate just because the Dems are only 2 votes shy of the super majority. Reid should have a real fillibuster and make the Republicans stand up and speak non stop to their constiuents and explain why as a defeated minority the have the right to obstruct economic stimulus that the majority of Americans support.
    Prez O has started to speak out more forcefully on this and I hope he has realized the futility of trying to achieve bi-partisan support from the people who caused this mess to begin with.

  2. Didi Mousse says:

    Oh, don’t be so hysterical. I’m sure it will only be a few generations before we stop teaching our children The Origin of Species and Genesis in the same history of science class. By then, China will be the place for higher scientific learning anyway, so who cares? And if this whole depression things sticks around too long, we families with only 5 digit incomes can always send our kids to Russia for college (they are still leading in math excellence, aren’t they?) since their economy is probably more our speed nowadays. Then again, since our future economy will aparently be dominated by service industries, maybe we should invest in spatulas.

    On a differnet note, I wanted to let everyone know I’m starting a new trend in American education: Rationalist Homeschooling. How early do you think its appropriate to teach the scientific method? :-)

    Please contribue generously, your childrens minds may depend upon it.

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