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Junpei Fujimoto | KEK | Japan

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Public Lecture at TILC09

TILC09, an international workshop was held in Tsukuba, Japan, from the 17th of to the 21st of April, which was the eleventh in the series of meetings on the physics and detector of the ILC organized by the Asian Committee for Future Accelerators (ACFA) joint Linear Collider Physics and Detector Working Group. It also represented the eleventh of the major meetings to host the ILC Global design effort (GDE) discussion which pursues the development of the design and project planning for the ILC accelerator systems. More than 200 physicists got together and discussed physics on ILC and the action plan toward construction of the ILC in the international framework. (http://tilc09.kek.jp/)


Posters of TILC09(illustrator Yuji Kaida) and of a public lecture

This workshop series has a tradition to have a public lecture as a satellite session. The date was also coincident with a week of science-technology outreaching set by theMinistry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, then it was intended to invite families to the fun world of physics, of which title was Missing of anti-matters is the greatest magic of the universe with three presenters, Prof. Hitoshi Murayama from Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (IPMU Tokyo Univ.), Dr. Takeo Higuchi from KEK as a member of Belle collaboration and Mr. Tomohiro Maeda, a Close Up Magician.

In the part 1, Prof. Murayama explained matter and anti-matter using Pikachu and anti-Pikachu, which was enough to pull children into the physics. He also explained the concept of energy, the kinetic energy and potential energy with short movies like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdCJzO3w7_M.

After his presentation, three presenters were on the stage to make a panel discussion. Mr. Maeda played in total three magics which were related to the energy conservation, the prediction of the phenomena and the reaction of particles. Dr. Higuchi told people that anti-matter is other specialty goods of Tsukuba city in the sense that KEK leads the world in positron production.

Around 300 questionnaires were back among 500 audiences. One-fifth was young people less than 20 years old. Compared with the age distribution in usual event on physics or science-café, it was quite young. In the end, several children raised their hand to ask questions. I was personally afraid no questions by them, but it was needless fear. Even a 10 years old boy said he wished to be a physicist of KEK. More young Japanese are moving away from the sciences. It is important to attract them to the physics world with various way. It’s also important to remember that the questionnaires told us that two-thirds were the first-time participants to the event on the particle physics. They went back home with words, anti-matter, Higgs particle, accelerator and ILC in mind.Please also visit http://tmaeda.exblog.jp/9615443/ of Mr. Maeda’s web page (in Japanese) to see his followers’ opinion for this event.

It is told that the movie of this event is planned to be posted in near future.