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Edgar Carrera | USLHC | USA

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Happy International Women’s day!!

If you had walked into the CMS control room (P5) today 8th of March of 2010, you would have seen an almost only-women crew at the controls.  It was my last day on-call for the CMS high level trigger system, so I had to attend the daily meeting at CMS P5.  It was fun to see an overwhelming number of women.

I haven’t been paying much attention, and I don’t know the statistics, but I have the feeling that there’s usually a good mix of women and man in the control room. As a matter of fact, this past week (when I was on-call and I had to go to P5 every day) both run field managers were women and I guess they continue for this week.

The fun part of today was that they managed to schedule women for 32 out of the 34 shift positions required to run the CMS experiment; or at least that’s what I was told.  I am sure those two other spots were not filled in with women because the women that can cover them are very busy.  Like my boss, for example, who were supposed to be here for this day but couldn’t make it because she is rather busy with some other CMS responsibilities in the US.

Now, I am curious if they could manage to do the inverse though, i.e., have mostly man scheduled for shifts.  That would be an interesting exercise; it won’t be easy for sure, as many women in CMS have essential expertise in many areas.

All in all it was a good day,  it definitely felt like a special day, and that’s always a lot of fun.  It smelled very nice too!

Hope all women had a good day !!

Edgar Carrera (Boston University)


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3 Responses to “Happy International Women’s day!!”

  1. Harbles says:

    And one can see the gender ratio (lol) at the CMS experiment by viewing their web cams. Freeze frame and 5 minute updates unfortunately.
    However the ATLAS control room cam went on line on their home page. Full motion video that goes full screen but no sound lol.
    Also LHCB has a control room cam view on their home page.

    50/50 average all the time is unrealistic right now but I hope the trend goes in that direction soon.

  2. Walter says:

    My IEEE magazine came today.
    In the opinion section, they are soliciting opinions on
    whether the LHC is a worthy project.
    Thought you guys/gals might want to know and comment.
    The opinions will be in the next issue.
    Check out page 9 of the online version here:
    (I don’t know if this comment is relavent to the blog discussion…
    Just passing on the info!)

  3. Thanks for reading and for the comments. Nice links, I will totally pass them on.

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