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Edgar Carrera | USLHC | USA

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Collisions at 7 Tera Electronvolts!!! ……

….. is what we are hoping  to have next Tuesday :-)  The LHC made it official, and so they will attempt to collide the two proton beams at 3.5 TeV each, on Tuesday March 30.

It’s 01:15am and I just got home after a quite long day of work (although shorter than I expected).  Everything needs to be ready before we get collisions, so the efforts have to double.  As part of the high level trigger team in CMS, my work this week consists in making sure that we are able to accept all the good collision events (data).  After a few days of intensive testing from different groups and people, we hope we will deploy the final version of the trigger “menu” tomorrow, or on Thursday the latest.  The high level trigger is a key component of being able to accept data.  It is basically a collection of code that runs online, live, to discriminate what information is put into tape and what is not.

It is very likely that  we will have lower energy collisions (900 GeV) during the weekend as a preamble for the historic 7 TeV smashings. We also need the trigger to catch beam gas events from 3.5 TeV circulating stable beams (no collisions), maybe on Sunday.

The adrenaline is starting to flow here at CERN.  It is somehow difficult to sleep, thinking about all this, for people like me who are on-call.  Most of the improvements, fixes, upgrades, etc, that we made after the learning experience of last year’s collisions are now in place, and ready for prime time.   We will do just fine.  I am sure.

Edgar F. Carrera (Boston University)


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3 Responses to “Collisions at 7 Tera Electronvolts!!! ……”

  1. Giro says:

    Looking forward to 10TeV!

  2. Tom Grant says:

    I realize that accumulating and analyzing enough data for any meaningful conclusions is going to take some time (ie you’re not going to find the Higgs by Tuesday evening!) but is anything particularly astounding expected/hypothesized at these energies or do we realistically have to wait for the 14TeV collisions for that?

  3. Diego Basantes says:

    Pollito, todo va a salir bien….contarás como avanzas estos días..luego me cuentas como haces que la discrminiación, como decides cual data se queda adquirida y cual no? digamos, solo por pregunatarte algo…
    good luck!!!

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