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TRIUMF | Vancouver, BC | Canada

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Block Ed

–by T. “Isaac” Meyer, Head of Strategic Planning and Communications

Well, I’m struggling. I agreed to give a talk in India at the Frontiers of Science Symposium in Kolkata on March 2-3, 2011, about “science and industry collaboration.” You’d think that with our recent submission to the government on exactly this topic and my experience and expertise in this area, it’d be an easy talk to write.

But, I’m encountering writers’ block. I’m not writing, I’m using Microsoft PowerPoint, so maybe it’s sliders’ block or bulleted-list-persons’ block. What do you call someone who uses PPT to communicate?

Based on a conversation in the lunch room, I got my thesis clear so now I just hang the fruited examples on those branches and a beautiful tree I will have.

Stay focused!


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5 Responses to “Block Ed”

  1. Sarai says:

    People who use PPT to communicate are generally called consultants ;)
    Once you know what you want to say, first draw a few mind maps and doodles because putting the slides together should be the very last thing you do. So take a walk, have some tea, draw some mind maps and doodles and get busy!!

    • TRIUMF says:

      @Sara — Thanks! I did walk around the office building, drink more coffee, and draw out my talk. It worked! I have 25 minutes for a 20 minute time slot and just saw something brand new. Indeed, even just writing that post to acknowledge that I was temporarily stopped helped break things loose. And yes…I do think in PPT these days. That’s the curse of growing up as a physicist. Hahah! –Isaac.

  2. jfb says:


    Edward Tufte’s own web site and his brochure about PowerPoint aren’t available as I write. Here’s the best discussion I could find quickly.

  3. Sarai says:

    @Isaac: well done – you have officially conquered writer’s block!! Keep writing! Loved the link to the Gettysburg Address – that’s some good presenting right there…
    @jfb: love that link – stunning.

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