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Aidan Randle-Conde | Université Libre de Bruxelles | Belgium

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CERN Higgs seminar liveblog!

Follow the liveblog here!

On Tuesday December 13th, there will be a seminar at CERN about the search for the Higgs boson using the 2011 dataset.

Physicists at ATLAS and CMS have been working very hard all year (and are still working) to show the results for 5fb-1 each. This means that we will have 5 times the amount of data available since the last update, and we can expect the exclusion of the Higgs to be even more impressive than what we saw in the summer.

See more on youtube!

Watch the video on youtube!

Since this an important milestone in the search for the Higgs boson, I will be liveblogging the event, from the main auditorium here at CERN. There will be a webcast available for those of us not at CERN. (The webcast details will appear on the seminar page on the day of the seminar.) So please join me on Tuesday, watch the webcast and follow the liveblog for minute by minute updates of the search for the Higgs boson.

If you want to know more about the Higgs boson I’d recommend you look at Flip’s recent post.

Check out the link to the Seminar page.

Follow the updates with the Twitter hashtag #higgsliveblog.


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  • You won’t be the only one! Why not defining a good hashtag for Twitter followers?

  • Hi Toto, that’s a great idea! I’ll hashtag them with #higgsliveblog 🙂

  • anon

    “we can expect the exclusion of the Higgs to be even more impressive than what we saw in the summer.”

    Isn’t this giving away too much information? I thought we were expecting some hint at discovery!

  • No, it’s not giving anything away. The excluded regions will all continue to grow in size except for where the Higgs boson really is (if it exists), so adding more data will almost always lead to larger excluded regions. It would premature to make any positive statements before the seminar- let’s wait until we see the data!

  • ok, I’ll do the same… so let’s virtually meet there!

  • fluidic

    Dear All CERN and non-CERN scientists:

    – Tomorrow’s seminar is highly unlikely and in the probabilists jargon “close to zero” to declare the higgs observed at ATLAS and CMS agree at 125GeV with a comfortable confidence level at the 5fb-1 of high experimental collision cross-section as has been rumoured.

    – Tomorrow’s serminar landmarks the beginning of higgs endgame as has been said by other bloggers and beginning of higgless new SM physics of matter. New theories will evolve soon to show how the 4 forces of nature would still make good sense if deeply modified to account for the new higgless physiscs which plagued scientists, physicists, engineers, and students for over 4 decades.

    – Tomorrow’s serminar is the beginning of a new supermatter highway to unveil the true face of nature’s fundamentals and fundamental particles. Matter is fluid / plasma whether at -(10+06K) or +(10+06K).

    – Matter is ultrahigh density fluid especially at the proton, quark, gluon, etc levels. Matter has been steadily displaying itself as fluid / plasma since its early discovery by CERN scientists in year 2000. But scientists still believe that this display of matter as fluid or continuum is because of the high collision temperatures involved. CERN will uncover the fact that at the microwold quantum level, matter does not itself possess states like those we observe at the macroworld. Hence, no melting, crystallization, or vaporization occurs at the microworld because of energy or temp changes. Those are only observable at our world, the macroworld not the quantum world.

    – Particles are formed under stress, strain, temp or pressure changes, electromagnetic, electric, or magnetic field changes, within the surruondings of matter causing crystallization and particularization which we observe as particles. Still, the particles are ultra high density fluid that behaves like real solids or crystals.

    – If we try to experiment thinking of continuum of matter and fluidity of matter, we will very shortly be able to build a real new SM of physics.

    As always, many thanx to Professor Heuer, DG of CERN and to its scientists for giving us the opportunity to open up our minds. Thanx to CERN staff who are on the right track to uncover that all falls theories of physics will fall in place when matter fluidity is considered, and no violations of any physical laws will appear.

    Thanks to ALL.
    Fluidic == Dequantization

  • Well, we already know what ATLAS found:


    Will be really exciting to find out if CMS has a similar peak at the same energy. Christmas could be coming early this year…

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  • mfb

    Please send your theory to a peer-reviewed journal, so comments can stay free of random stuff which cannot make any useful predictions or even explain existing measurements. Thanks.

  • Yasmin

    Wowh!!! The press conference was more clear than expected from both ATLAS and CMS.

  • Jan

    What is Erik Verlinde thinking about the Higgs boson ?

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