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Jim Rohlf | USLHC | USA

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The CERN Higgs seminar

from Fabiola’s conclusion

“We observe an excess of events around m_H ~ 126 GeV:   local significance of 3.6 sigma, with contributions from the  H –>gam gam (2.8 sigma), H –> ZZ* –>4l (2.1 sigma), H –> WW* –> lvlv (1.4 sigma), SM Higgs expectation: 2.4 sigma local –> observed excess compatible with signal strength, the global significance (taking account Look-Elsewhere-Effect) is ~2.3 sigma”

from Guido’s conclusion

“…we observe in our data a modest excess of events between 115 and 127 GeV that appears, quite consistently, in five independent channels. The excess is most compatible with a SM Higgs hypothesis in the vicinity of 124 GeV and below, but the statistical significance (2.6 sigma local and 1.9 sigma global after correcting for the LEE in the low mass region) is not large enough to say anything conclusive.”

final remarks from the DG

“Keep in mind these are preliminary results. Keep in mind these are small numbers. Keep in mind we are running next year… We have not found it yet. We have not excluded it yet.”




3 Responses to “The CERN Higgs seminar”

  1. Don Sleeter says:

    Thank you for distilling this down to the essential points. You win my most concise specifics award.

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