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CERN | Geneva | Switzerland

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New particle spotted on Tristan da Cuhna island

CERN scientists announced today a new particle was just discovered. It was found on Tristan da Cunha, a volcanic island located roughly half way between Brazil and South Africa in the South Atlantic.

A sign on Tristan da Cunha claims it is the remotest island on Earth, being located half way between Brazil and South Africa.

“We have been looking for new particles everywhere for years. Who would have thought one was hiding on the remotest place on Earth!” said a befuddled James Gillies, spokesperson for CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

The new particle, called a foolion, had been proposed by theorists to explain how elementary particles could attract so much attention.

CERN received a tip about this sighting from the crew of a small Canadian sailboat that passed by the island last month. Scientists from the ATLAS and CMS collaborations are now studying the possibility of moving their detectors to the island of Tristan da Cunha to confirm the findings.

Pauline Gagnon

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27 Responses to “New particle spotted on Tristan da Cuhna island”

  1. stimpj says:

    O Long Johnson!

  2. Amar says:

    You got me there…Foolion. Good one!

  3. Georgijs says:

    Good one. XD

  4. Nice april-foorl jaoke!

  5. Gary Anderson says:

    The name of the particle and the date give this away. Anyway how could any serious physics be done in a remote place like Edinburgh of the Seven Seas that has a population of just over 100 people.

  6. Fun Police says:

    And people say physicists don’t have a sense of humour

  7. Martin says:

    A foolion!

    Nice try for April fools day, we are having a big bang here in Stourbridge UK too!!!

  8. The Internet savvy jerk inside me knew it was April first and was bracing for impact, but the physics nerd inside me got overexcited with breathless anticipation.


  9. Rajiv says:

    “foolion” ha ha. That was funny. :)

  10. Harry Doherty says:

    Foolion? Really? I could already tell by the headline that this was a joke, but nice try. I can’t wait tluntil a new particle actually is discovered.

  11. Tiuri68 says:

    Eeeehm? Aprils foolion?

  12. Robert Andrew says:

    Happy April’s Fool Day to you too!
    Best wishes, keep up the good work on all other days of the year

  13. Gavin Flower says:

    Full Of Oversize Light Intense Solar Haze

  14. Robyn says:

    Happy April Fools day!

  15. David Dewar says:

    Good one. Will be good if the news agencies pick this up!

  16. Daniel Ascanius says:

    April the first, almost believable at first! :D

    Foolion blew it though :D

  17. Ruurd Pels says:

    That particle should be renamed. to aprilfoolion. I betcha it is only detectable on a particular day of the year…

  18. Faisal Alsayegh says:

    This is April fool!

  19. Tis Aner says:

    Hey that’s mine! Cheap dimestore calculator I strapped on to the side of the Lego accelerator divided by zero and things got a little crazy, ended up losing the packet. Next time I’ll probably make it into a circle and take away the ramp.

    Can you post it back to me?

  20. Lidia says:

    The Higgs boson should learn from the Foolion… So easy to spot!

  21. Jacob says:

    The Foolion particle shall destroy us all!

  22. Karen Vallade says:

    Is this a joke? Foolion- never heard of Tristan da Cunha. Then I get an alert on my phone that this place just had an earthquake. Odd to see this place twice in one day.

    • Pauline Gagnon says:

      Much less fun, given that a volcano nearly destroyed everything there not so long ago. I hope everybody is safe…

  23. Droolio says:

    Exciting in its awesomeness!! April 1st will go down in history; it’s definitely gonna be an annual holiday for me!

  24. Rafael says:

    It is historically a bit cruel to use the name Tristan for a high energy experiment that did not discover anything real. Even in a joke,

  25. jones says:

    No, it was pathetic. Would have been original and fresh in the 1970s.

  26. Sylvie says:


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