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Fermilab | Batavia, IL | USA

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Springfield gets its own super collider

Until last evening I thought that The Simpsons game for iPhone and iPad was just another overrated little game. Your task is to rebuild Springfield after an explosion obliterates Homer’s power plant. The game is supposed to be an interesting, easy-going distraction, but it evolves at too slow a pace (unless you are willing to spend money on it, which I am not) and lacks the much-appreciated humorous punch that characterizes the show.

Or so was my impression until, out of the blue, Professor Frink shows up and asks for nothing less than a new … super collider.  Lisa, as a citizen reluctant to spend the taxpayers’ money, asks, “What about the LHC at CERN?”, but Frink argues that’s not powerful enough. So I decide that my Springfield will have its very own super collider and then I find out the new super collider’s building looks like Fermilab’s Wilson Hall. Now, THAT was a Simpsons punch!

Check out the screen shots below.

Marcelle Soares-Santos


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  • http://www.waltzdesign.com Beth Waltz


  • http://www.twitter.com/duey23 Brian LoCicero

    Next up, need to build a monorail!! Fermi’s Wilson Hall FTW!

  • http://www.mazepath.com/uncleal/ Uncle Al

    The Superconducting Super Collider (SSC, 1991) near Waxahachie, Texas was designed for 20 TeV/proton, 40 TeV center of mass. It was a magnet for fire ants (and bureaucrats, for the SSC risked failure). International Space Station Freedom FUBAR Space Hole One Alpha was built and orbited instead. ISS FUBAR guaranteed failure – the zero-risk investment of choice. CERN’s LHC will top at 14 TeV center of mass end of 2014. Go Springfield!

  • Navneeth

    That rotunda in the garden next to the building looks a lot like the one which was destroyed by Stephen Hawking in “They Saved Lisa’s Brain”.

  • http://home.fnal.gov/~marcelle Marcelle

    UPDATE: And after turning on the thing, I got a mini black hole!

  • Navneeth

    Ha! I’d love to see a screenshot.