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Seth Zenz | Imperial College London | UK

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Zombies at CERN!

Some friends of colleagues of mine made a zombie movie here at CERN. It looks pretty neat, and will be available for free soon online, so here’s the trailer:

Now, then. There are some things I should probably clarify:

1. This film has not been authorized or endorsed by CERN.

2. The Higgs boson obviously cannot turn people into zombies. Never mind the biology, it’s enough to know that the Higgs decays instantaneously into more ordinary particles, and never leaves the detector. If any LHC collisions could make zombies, the earth would already be filled with zombies created when ultra high-energy cosmic rays hit the atmosphere.

3. Zombies do not really exist, and they will not eat your brains. Really. I promise.

4. The LHC cannot be operated when anyone is in one its tunnels or experimental caverns. The safety systems that prevent this are quite a bit more sophisticated than the trailer seems to imply.

5. The tunnels in the film aren’t the LHC tunnels — which are continuously being used for science rather than cinematography — but they do appear to be real steam tunnels from some of the buildings here at CERN. Rather interesting and spooky, but maybe not as polished and high-tech as you were expecting.

In conclusion: it’s always fun to see zombies in cool places, especially in your own back yard. I look forward to the movie coming out. For more information, you can look at decayfilm.com, facebook.com/decayfilm, or twitter.com/decayfilm


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  • Hey, thanks for the post! I would like to second all your clarifications – this film is fictional and just a bit of fun. There is no higgs zombie conspiracy, and the LHC is perfectly safe!

  • Andre Bach

    I was surprised at how comment it is to see bloggers and commenters at all these geeky & sciencey sites to not believe that it’s really filmed at CERN, or explicitly include a “claimed to be” filmed at CERN.

  • Yep. That’s why I made a point of mentioning the steam tunnels. I’m a reputable physicist on an official-looking blog after all! (Indeed, it looks official because it is.)

  • Kelvin Maru

    Totally loved it, shows that the team at CERN are human just like the rest of us. As for authentication, who really cares it’s a zombie splatter movie (my faves). I give it 3 stars out of 5, for the original ‘what if’ story line and overall effort. Would be interesting to see how the complete movie looks, also how it would do if entered into a film festival. The perfect addition to any rainy day movie marathon, definitely worth a watch. Keep up the great work, an congratulations on the film & finding the Higgs Particle.

    Kelvin Maru
    Hamilton, New Zealand