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CERN | Geneva | Switzerland

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Win your own Higgs boson

In an unprecedented gesture in the history of particle physics, Sergio Bertolucci, Director of Research, announced this morning that CERN is going to do something unusual: give away fundamental particles.

“Given the interest manifested over the past years by the general public for the Higgs boson search, we felt that we had to give some back as a token of appreciation”, said Dr Bertolucci. “As CERN, we have always believed in sharing the results of our research, and the time has come to make that tangible. This is our way of saying thanks for the incredible level of enthusiasm that has greeted this discovery”. The new particle’s discovery was announced at a special seminar on 4 July last year.

Both the ATLAS and CMS experiments have generously accepted to donate some of their precious Higgs bosons. Particles such as Higgs bosons are created from the energy released in proton-proton collisions in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). However, Higgs bosons are extremely rare, being created only once out of one million million such collisions.

“We hope the lucky few who will receive a Higgs boson will cherish them as much as we do”, said Dr Bertolucci.

Each boson will come with a complete set of instructions on how to properly care for it. To enter this lottery, please send an e-mail to Higgs.lottery@cern.ch. A Higgs boson will be sent to the ten lucky winners chosen randomly from all requests received within 24 hours of publishing this post.

Pauline Gagnon

To be alerted of new postings, follow me on Twitter: @GagnonPauline or sign-up on this mailing list to receive and e-mail notification.



42 Responses to “Win your own Higgs boson”

  1. Marc Chamieh says:

    Since I was 12 years old I had a fascination and thirst to better explore the world of physics especially quantum physics

  2. Fred says:

    Nice april fools joke!

  3. Chris Weyer says:

    Pretty sure I already “own” a few billion Higgs’.

  4. dudeface says:

    April fools!

  5. Can I get a blue Higgs to match the chromodynamics of my light sabre?


  6. Luca Fabbri says:

    Fantastic April Fool !!!

  7. Stephen Meatheringham says:

    Happy April Fools Day :-)

  8. RogerGB_UK says:

    Would you please send me one that will be generated on February 29th 2016 as this would make it a real rarity! ;)

  9. sanoj says:

    what a coincident that this is happening on April 1st ?

  10. Lenok says:

    Today it’s April Fools’ Day

  11. This discovery by the LHC is one of a kind and being a physics enthusiast, I’d love to recieve and cherish the Higgs-Boson. Congratulations.

  12. Rob says:

    April Fools?

  13. Mervyn Hemmington says:

    Happy April Fool’s day to you too

  14. Michael Stal says:

    I already got a bunch of them in my home. For some reason they keep hanging around the whole day. Need a device to clean the Higgs-Fields to loose weight. Any help highly appreciated!

  15. Lee Gorman says:

    I will cherish it 4eva and a day. X

  16. micha says:

    “I told him we’ve already got one! Hehehehe!”

  17. Mike says:

    It is April 1st (April Fool’s Day), and physicists are mean.

  18. stefan wiespointner says:


    I guess it’s an april prank, but if not i would be proud to look after a higgs boson and promise to treat it well;-)

    Stefan wiespointner

  19. Surya Palagani says:

    Even CERN got into April fools jokes
    But atleast make it elaborate so it could be believable…
    Guys at google are way better at doing this

  20. Graham Lester says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I received my Higgs Boson in the post today and I must say that I am extremely dissatisfied. I have decided to return it.

    I appreciated the framed Certificate of Origin that came with it but I was most disappointed that the boson itself was neither labelled nor numbers. What’s to stop every Tom, Dick and Harry from setting up his own backyard collider and flooding the market with these entities? How will we know the genuine bosons from the fake?

    I spoke with the missus and she agrees with me 100%. “You’re returning that right now,” she said. The missus also pointed out that the plains bison we purchased on Ebay last September was clearly branded with it’s name (Eric). What’s good for the bison is good for the boson.

    Please find enclosed boson and SAE. Send me a refund immediately.

    Sincerely yours.

  21. Katherine Leppälä says:

    Lol…sent you a mail just for fun…pick me! pick me! Happy April Fools!

  22. [...] Higgs bosonen zijn populair in het 1 april-circuit: je kan bij CERN ook echte Higgs bosonen winnen! [...]

  23. Jack Repenning says:

    Given the particle’s half-life of about a zepto-second, please ship mine by air.

  24. Tim says:

    I was very lucky to win Large Hadron Collider from the last year’s lottery. Higgs bosons would complete my collection. <3

  25. [...] CERN udlodder 10 Higgs Boson partikler i lotteri. [...]

  26. Xezlec says:

    Meh. You can already buy one for $10 at particle zoo.

  27. Peter says:

    This is the funniest email that I have EVER received. Thank you so much!

  28. Gavin Flower says:

    CERN is a waste of money
    by Nivag064 …

    To produce just one Higgs particle costs tens of thousands of millions of dollars!

    Then to just causally give ten away at random is a scandalous waste of money!!

    I think it is a SCAM!!!

    These people also support Evolution, and hence claim the Earth is thousands of millions of years old!!!!

    As Creationists Know, the Earth was created only 6 thousand years ago by the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!!!!

  29. Stuart says:

    So when will the winners be announced?

  30. fanf says:

    could you charge it a bit or send me a
    H too ?

    this to avoid to glue my postman.

  31. Lucas Brown says:

    This is hilarious! Very awesome joke. Hope I’m a winner, it’d be a great 13th birthday present, I really love physics. Though I guess the winners are chosen randomly so I’ll just have to hope…

    • Gavin Flower says:


      Didn’t you read the fine print???

      The Higg’s Boson is yours as soon as it is created, but it is up to you to collect it!

      Note that they were conspicuously silent on how you would actually ‘pick’ it up. Also a note complete absence on how to care for your Higg’s Boson to ensure a happy and long life for it – this is an important consideration, as their life in the wild is extremely dangerous and they have a very short life expectancy unless carefully looked after

  32. Mike Kenny says:

    Does it come already house-trained? What will it want to eat? The ones I’ve seen on documentaries seem quite nervy and unpredictable and their horns look formidable; dangerous even… Will it be American or African? And lastly, is Higgs giving them away willingly, or are they Rescue Bison?

  33. Lucas Brown says:

    Erm, hate to push, but it’s been around two days now, and no winners… Any update? Just wondering :D

  34. Mike says:

    If only I had seen this when it was first published. I would have asked that if I had won a Higgs that it be given to my brother-in-law Clem. He never wins anything. Let’s face it, the guy is a loser.

  35. Stuart says:

    Not to seem too impatient, but its the 7th.

    And yes, I’m hoping to be one of the lucky few who could proudly say “I got CERN to give me a Higgs-Boson!”

    I’m sure very few people could ever claim that, so I’d love to get the bragging rights.

  36. Lucas Brown says:

    Maybe they’re just waiting another 6 days so they can give me the Higgs Boson on my birthday ;)

  37. sky dragon says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

    my website – sky dragon

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