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Jonathan Asaadi | Syracuse University | USA

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Snowmass Young Physicists Survey is here!

Our survey is way more exciting that this!

You read the title correctly! The Snowmass Young Physicists survey is now live and taking data!

You can take the survey by going to this link:


So you might be asking, “Who is this survey for?”. The short answer it is for everyone who is currently in High Energy Physics (HEP), everyone who was in HEP at one time in their career, and for any of the young scientists in training who are considering going into HEP. We want them all! Undergraduates, graduates, post-docs, staff scientists, faculty, researchers and especially any one who received their training in HEP and has decided to go on to jobs outside of HEP.

The survey is structured such that if you are currently involved in HEP you will see a set of questions that asks about your current work life, your career outlook, your physics outlook, and some general information related to the questions being considered during the Snowmass planning process. If you are not currently in HEP you will receive a set of questions asking about your career choices, career outlook, and quality of life.

All of the information is kept anonymous and the compilation of the data will be presented at the Snowmass meeting in July. Our goal is to have greater than 1500 respondents from all the various “frontiers” as defined in the Snowmass process (Energy, Cosmic, Intensity, Outreach, Instrumentation, Computing, Theory) as well as lots of responses from those who have gone on to careers outside of HEP. The survey itself should not take longer than 15 mins in total and there are lots of places where you can feel free to write in responses that we will compile to help formulate the opinions expressed at the Snowmass meeting.

Now for the call for help! The only way this survey will be a success is if we get the word out. So I am asking all the readers here to take a second and advertise for us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+…), to tell your friends, co-workers, and fellow students, and to look for us at many of the upcoming conferences (April APS, Snowmass Planning meetings, etc…). We will have people everywhere handing out business cards and pointing people to the survey in the months running up to July! The link again is http://tinyurl.com/snomassyoung

Finally I cannot close this blog post without giving a long list of names of the people who spent many hours working, discussing, arguing, editing, emailing, and meeting to get the survey done in advance of the summer rush. (If I left your name off the list I am extremely, extremely sorry and I will gladly write an entire blog post dedicated to the work you as penance)

First of all a big thank you to the  Snowmass young conveners:
Roxanne Guenette, Thomass Strauss, Brendan Kiburg, Elizabeth Worcester, Bjoern Penning, Jake Anderson, Andrew Kobach, Randel Cotta, Felix Yu, Hugh Lippincott, and Marcelle Soares-Santos

In addition I need to thank these people for giving so much of their time to help in the process:

Ben Carls, Bryce Littlejohn, Andrzej Szelc, Gavin Davies, Teppei Katori

So, now is the time to go take the survey! http://tinyurl.com/snomassyoung. If you have comments or concerns please email us at [email protected]!