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Jonathan Asaadi | Syracuse University | USA

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Snowmass Young @ The Intensity Frontier Workshop

I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention a really great opportunity that is happening tomorrow. The Intensity Frontier Workshop at Argonne National Labs is taking place this Thursday (4/25/13) and Friday (4/26/13) and Snowmass Young has been given an entire parallel session during this important pre-Snowmass meeting.

We have had three speakers agree to come and speak to the young scientists community about things that matter to people early in their career. They will be speaking during the first parallel session at the meeting from 10:45 am – 12:45 pm (central time).

Our speakers are:

Regina Rameika (FNAL): Speaking about skills young scientists need and some of her experiences from recent hiring committees

Alan Stone (DOE): The funding process and what young people should know about the DOE

Randal Ruchti (NSF): The funding process and what young people should know about the NSF

These titles were intended to be rough prompts, so you should expect these speaker will talk about a broad range of subjects and be available for questions afterwards. This is a really great opportunity to speak with senior scientists and funding agencies directly and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to know. It would be great if these talks could be well attended by all the young snowmass people at the conference and of course is open to all attendees! We have left the rest of the Snowmass Young parallel sessions open as “discussion” and instead just encourage people to be involved at the meeting.

The indico site where the talks will be posted is here:


For those attending the Argonne workshop we will be in building 362 Room E-188. For those remote we will have Ready Talk setup:

Step 1: Dial-In
U.S. & Canada: 866.740.1260
Access Code: 7344724

Additionally we will have a general community meeting to discuss progress made towards the general Snowmass meeting, preliminary results from the survey, and what sort of questions we want to include in the analysis of the survey data. This meeting will be used to also brainstorm ideas for upcoming events this summer leading up to the Snowmass meeting in July

The Community meeting will be on Friday (4/26/13) at 7pm. This coincides with the Conveners Meeting at the intensity frontier workshop and should allow time for all attending to come if they wish. We will use the same ReadyTalk connection information for this meeting as well. For those at Argonne we will be in building 362 room E-188.

A quick update about the survey

As of today we have 579 people who have taken the survey! This is a great start but still shy of our goal of >1500 people. So please take this chance, if you haven’t already, and complete the survey.

A chart showing the rate of responses thus far to the Snowmass Young Survey


If you have taken the survey, please use social media (Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc…) and tell people about it. This survey is open to all who are currently in HEP or have been in HEP at one time. We need “young” and “old” alike to take the survey to have a reasonable representation of the opinions of people in HEP! Likewise we should stress that this is open to U.S. based and non-U.S. based scientists as well. We are trying to get a snapshot of the entire field, and I know it is larger than 579 people.

Additionally, we are really looking for people who were at one time trained in HEP and have since left the field. This section of the survey will be very helpful for side-by-side comparisons with people who are still in the field as well as provide information about what people do once they leave HEP. So if you know anyone who did undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral, (etc…) training in HEP and is now working “outside the field” please point them to the survey as well.

Thanks to all who have taken time to help Snowmass Young so far and stay tuned for exciting upcoming events leading to the Snowmass Workshop.