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CERN | Geneva | Switzerland

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Our Universe is Yours

September 28 and 29, from 9:00 to 20:00, CERN is going to open its doors to the public once again. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to visit dozens of experimental setups and get to see what is happening in the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. All of that free of charge.

PO-3A group of visitors discovering the CMS detector during the Open Days in 2008

There will be unique opportunities to go underground and see the detectors operating at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) where the Higgs boson was discovered (ATLAS and CMS), where we explore what happened an instant after the Big Bang (ALICE) and where the Standard Model is being refined with unprecedented precision (LHCb). Visitors will also have the opportunity to discover several other experiments where we probe the world of antimatter (AD), the puzzling mystery of dark matter (AMS) or look inside protons (COMPASS) to name but a few of them.

Just about every aspect of the laboratory will be open to the visitors, from the computing centre to the workshops, the cryogenics and metrology laboratories and the accelerators.

PO-2The cryogenic demonstrations fascinate everyone

There will be hands-on setups for kids, introductory lectures for the most inquisitive ones and fun for everyone.  Take your pick. This will be a day to remember.

The programme is already online. The underground visits are reserved to people 12 years and older and subject to strict quotas. So you will need to reserve in advance. Free tickets will be available around August 15 so keep an eye for it (I will be on vacation and unable to remind you). This will guarantee that every one spends their time playing and not queuing.

I hope many of you will be among the 100 000 people we will have the pleasure to welcome.

PO-4Taking a maximum of people down underground. The quotas are determined by the elevators capacity

Pauline Gagnon

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  • Hi,
    I’m from Australia. Will be in Europe at the time of the Cern open days and would like to attend. Would appreciate a ticket to go underground. What do I need to do?

    Best Regards

    Gary Gavegan

  • Hello Gary,
    just follow the link to the programme. The tickets will be made available there around Aug 15. You will only need tickets for the underground facilities.

    Hope to see you then, Pauline

  • Ilir


    I am from Canada and would like to attend CERN open days event. At what time do they make the new batch available? I visit the web site and every day see “0 tickets available”.


  • Dear Ilir,

    great to hear you are planning to come. Everyday, on the website, they make new tickets available at random time. So please be perseverant and hopefully, you will be lucky! Remember that the tickets are only needed for the underground facilities. There will be dozens of other things to see and do as well.

    So keep going on the website: http://opendays2013.web.cern.ch/

    Good luck and we might have a chance to meet there! Pauline