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Byron Jennings | TRIUMF | Canada

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The Scientific Method (Poster)

Here are a couple of posters that summarize my ideas on the scientific method. Please feel free to download them and put on your wall. As the first poster shows, the scientific method is indeed simple.

scientific method poster

PDF for the first poster available here.


PDF for the second poster available here.

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  • Adrian

    Hi Byron,

    Your poster is very nice and explicative.
    In my opinion your explanations are a bit oversimplified .
    A scientist not always starts with observations , but with theories(model)that predict something and than he is looking for observations . The best example we have seen lately is the Higgs Boson(God particle) predicted 40 years ago and observed just last year.

    Many times a “Grand Theory” exists already and every observation is analyzed according to this “model” ignoring other options. E.g. Dan Shechtman got the Nobel prize in Chemistry in 2011 “for the discovery of quasicrystals” . It took him over 30 years to convince the chemistry establishment that they exists at all.

    The expected observations can overturn not only one model , but can get us back to the basics ( Einstein, Darwin).

    In some scientific areas experiments are impossible so many models/theories wait for observations that might never happen like in astrophysics, cosmology, evolution , for sure not in any laboratory.

    But getting back to your poster , it is a good start for the common person who think that science is something next to witchcraft, or the “absolute truth”.

  • Volodymyr Donchenko

    It’s acceptable and interesting, indeed. It’s necessary to “translate” what is th model: which is a joint in five senses of the “”model, represented in the poster? And, surely: wich is the “experimet”(observation, trail,may be – stochastic trail ) .

  • Anything short of a million words is a simplification but the existing models were not handed down on tablets of stone but were built to explain previous observations.

  • DrIvy

    The Higgs is totally based on observations: the observation of why the W and Z bosons have mass.

    Also an observation is an observation: it doesn’t have to be in a laboratory.

  • Fábio K.

    Congratulations for your poster. I would like to print it, but I find one mistake: Measurements with fancy apparatus like the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collier <- It is Missing a d in collider.
    Can you fix it and repost for us.
    Fábio Köpp

  • Thanks very much. I have made the change.