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Interstellar the movie is coming soon — and it’s a biggie

Hi there QD readers!

Instead of any further intro about me than my bio for the moment, I’m starting my contribution on this group blog right off with a first post about a movie that I think is going to become a fairly major deal culturally, in the coming weeks and months, and isn’t that partly what science blogging is kind of about — that is, identifying those scientific things that could be important especially to, and have an impact on, the future of our society..?

So, to jump right to it —  I’d been seeing bits of previews of this movie:

(Full description: Interstellar at IMDb )

here and there online, and then there was a post to the KIPAC Facebook page about its scientific accuracy for the black hole depiction, with well-known physicist Kip Thorne’s involvement:


I then saw the preview fully through a couple of days ago, and read more about the background and story arc and reactions to the film — and am impressed, and inspired already by what I’ve seen.

I can see this is a film in the spiritual tradition of Carl Sagan and Contact, and it may be the first movie I go see in a theater in a long while.

It’ll be out on Nov 7, and I’m looking forward to it.

Of course — I can tell I will have some problems with it too already — like with the ideas of indulging in escapism and finding another world vs. doing the hard work of fixing the only one we have — and are going to have, for a long, long time yet, as Carl himself used to point out, which can be read in e.g. the penultimate paragraph of the famous Pale Blue Dot talk, or seen as part of a short 6min clip put into more context here:

But with all that in mind, I am stoked about the positive aspects of what this one is about: inspiring us to be adventurers, showing strong familial bonds, and getting us to act in coordination as a species because of its apocalyptic vision of what the Earth will become if we do not.

So — anyone else also getting enthused about it, just yet..? 🙂