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Anna Phan | USLHC | USA

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ICHEP 2012: On route…

Greetings everybody! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Things have been a little busy over the past few months in preparation for the summer conference season. I’ve mentioned in a previous post that there’s a winter conference season. There is also a summer one as well.

The big summer conference this year is ICHEP 2012, the 36th International Conference on High Energy Physics. I was lucky enough to be allocated a talk and I’m super excited to be heading to Melbourne, Australia for the conference. Not only are we expecting some very exciting results, but it’s also my home town and I’m looking forward to seeing my family and friends again.

I’ve actually been looking forward to this event for quite a while. I actually remember the group meeting back in 2008 when we were told that we would be hosting ICHEP. From what I understand, the progress for deciding on a host city for the conference kind of works like the decision to host the next Olympic Games. Except instead of the IOC, it’s the IUPAP who decides. And there’s much less scandal involved…

Anyway, since then, every time anybody in particle physics has mentioned that they would like to come to Australia, I’ve told them to come to ICHEP 2012. And it’s been my not-so-secret goal ever since I started this position with Syracuse on LHCb to come back and attend the conference. And here I go…



2 Responses to “ICHEP 2012: On route…”

  1. Ethaniel says:

    “I’ve mentioned in a previous post that there’s a winter conference season. There is also a summer one as well.”
    July in Australia: isn’t it another winter conference? ^^

    • Anna Phan says:

      Dear Ethaniel,

      I was wondering how many people would notice that minor inconsistency. ;) ICHEP is traditionally a summer conference since it has, to my knowledge, only ever been held in the northern hemisphere. But yes, it is currently winter in Melbourne. A fact which was not lost on me as I traveled from ~20C Geneva through ~30C Dubai and ~30C Kuala Lumpur to ~10C Melbourne. Guess we shouldn’t be so northern hemisphere centric and call it a mid-year conference. Isn’t as catchy though…


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