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Aidan Randle-Conde | Université Libre de Bruxelles | Belgium

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Higgs Seminar postgame discussion

Following the Higgs seminar on Wednesday July 4th (Higgsdependence Day), fellow bloggers Steve Sekula and Seth Zenz joined me to discuss the results. We discussed all sorts of topics from the measurements themselves, to the nature of the work, to the future of the study of the Higgs boson. Enjoy!


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  • Thank you gentlemen! I had watched the entire announcement, and your “fireside chat”, albeit without fire, adds a lot of flavor to that. I’m a lapsed physicist, but consider me an avid supporter. Like a supporter of a football team, I cheer for you and even somehow feel like I’m part of what you achieve, even though I’m not on the field 😉 Perhaps tangentially my work on Linux has benefitted your analyses though – in a very minor way to be sure. Keep up the great work!

  • You guys should first read Fermilab Today for Friday 7.6.12, Don Lincoln “CMS Result – Have we found the Higgs?” where there was the proper reaction to “discovery” and all the right “code” expressions based upon “if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck…” but no statement that it equals Higgs,

    and then go to SLAC Today for 7.6.12, Director Persis Drell “From the Director: They Found It!” and wonder about her remarks.

  • Fred Gray

    “Question for the Physicists”

    Was the Higgs Boson only around in nature during the early stages of the big bang?

    See my question? The Higgs Boson is not needed now since mass is already acquired and there is not any room in a cell for the Higs?

  • After Higgs Boson discovery, there are MANY QUESTIONS which are waiting for the answers and proof from Science, such as:
    1.who is the maker of Boson and other sub-atomic particles, in the Universe?
    2.Why Universe came into existence?
    3.What was the immediate need to make Universe and by WHOM?
    4.How Energy originated and why?
    5.Is there the existence of SUPREME AUTHORITY which is controlling all these events going-on?

    These questions needs answers to come BUT will take decade[s] of time.



  • Alys Brett

    Thanks for making this video. My husband and I have both been involved in particle physics in the past and found your discussion interesting, and pitched at just the right level for us.

  • flashgordon

    Besides the public not being able to go through the mathematics and setting up a particle accelerator on their own, they may not be able to relate what’s so exciting about the Higgs. The discovery of the Higgs isn’t like finding another quark(after confirming the existence of quarks at the SLAC), or another hadron; it’s more like the discovery of anti-matter, neutrinoes, and quarks(fractional charges); we’ve discovered a novel particle.