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Aidan Randle-Conde | Université Libre de Bruxelles | Belgium

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Advent Calendar 2012 December 9th

9 is for the 9 elements of the neutrino mixing matrix. Why do they mix? What does it tell us? Does this give us even more matter-antimatter asymmetry?



One Response to “Advent Calendar 2012 December 9th”

  1. veeramohan says:

    Two completely different particles (the electron and the anti-positron) are swapping back and forth(create mass). What does this mean? The physical thing which is propagating through space is a mixture of the two particles. When you observe the particle at one point, it may be an electron, but if you observe it a moment later, the very same particle might manifest itself as an anti-positron! This should sound very familiar, it’s the exact same story as neutrino mixing (or, similarly, meson mixing)- but with very low frequency?

    The Higgs “vev”(spontaneous electroweak symmetry breaking – occupying lower potential energy)- is same as back and forth movementum of photons inside a closed system(black holes). It is not creating any “rest mass”- it is because, “it cannot escape spacetime metric”- we call as gravitational mass.

    Gravitation cannot contain “speed of the light”. In Black holes, the spacetime dimension is ruptured – the light had free fall into that rupture.

    Higgs(h) get the “mass” because it cannot escape closed system created by Big bang temperature(after cooling).
    Photons were massless because it already escaped closed system- but cannot escape the Roller coaster of spacetime metric.
    Inside closed system mass is conserved. But Higgs(h) mass is not conserved only for a while(abruptly zero) – thus react with spactime metric for a while.

    Atoms without Higgs(h) is like hydrogen filled balloon. Atom with Higgs(h) is like atmosphere gas filled balloon.

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