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Aidan Randle-Conde | Université Libre de Bruxelles | Belgium

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Advent Calendar 2012 December 24th

Where was the Higgs boson hiding? We searched or it directly and indirectly. Now that we have the answer, we can look indirectly for other things!

Electroweak fit: http://arxiv.org/abs/1107.0975



One Response to “Advent Calendar 2012 December 24th”

  1. Valery Somiety says:

    I respect the work being done at CERN and Fermi lab, but during your shut done, perhaps you consider how the Higgs Boson theories fit into other area of science. I.e. how well does H-boson theory meld with chemistry, astro-physics, or standard physics.

    I my self have my own theory which complements every science I have tested it against.
    It explains why we find Phi structures in all things matter. It does so with no particles, all is magnets in motion. Magnetic ring theory with momentary mono-pole moments. Answers start at the center of the universe; the first/macro fractal level and ends with the smallest of small the sub-atomic structure, the smallest of the paired rings.

    Hydrogen the most abundant element in universe that drives all the reactions of a multi-layered fractal system of magnetism and motion. Each level of the fractal system is ruled by the next higher order within the system.
    Soon to share details.

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